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Republicans Introduce Possible Obamacare Replacements
by Countable
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  • Rebecca

    The ACA saved my life. February 7th will be my two year anniversary of the day I was diagnosed with cancer. Because of the provisions under the ACA, I was able to be on my parents insurance to get treatment. I can't imagine how a college student like myself would have been able to afford the surgeries, biopsies, and ultrasounds needed during this process. Worst of all, my cancer has no remission which means I will need to get biyearly check ups for the rest of my life. Every time my cancer grows back I will need to be able to afford surgery and radiation as needed. I also have been diagnosed with a panic disorder as a result of my diagnosis that requires extensive therapy and medication. Not to mention the chronic illness my surgery has left me with, which requires me to take medications the rest of my life. Because of the pre-existing condition clause and the fact that the ACA now ends health insurance companies from creating lifetime caps, I do not have to worry about being able to afford treatment. That is why repealing the ACA will be a death sentence for me unless I move to another country where health care is free. People complain about high premiums, but that is because most states with Republican governors refuse to carry out their part of the bill which would lower costs. Premiums will soar even higher if there is a repeal. People also complain about losing their doctors, but a repeal will not give them their doctors back. Also, the bill is based off of one Republicans created in an effort to get bipartisan support, so I don't understand why they are so unhappy with it. There is no need to repeal something that has helped 20 million Americans like myself. You guys claim to be pro-life, so please keep mine and millions of others in account.

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