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Trump Picks Judge Neil Gorsuch to Fill Supreme Court Vacancy
by Countable
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  • Betsy

    This is a tough one for me. Judge Gorduch meets the minimum qualifications, sure, but he's ultra right. They accuse liberals of being activist judges but there's been no stronger activism than giving a huge corporation with stores all across America, status as a person who can choose a religion. The Hobby Lobby case WAS an abortion because it has no basis in reality. Congress had the right "to regulate commerce among the several states." This is long standing. The Civil Rights Act of 64, its progeny and amended in 91 specifically delineates a place of public accommodation and includes retail. So I'm one fell swoop, Gorsuch and his panel overruled the Civil Rights Act in favor of a corporation's Religion, which is a violation of the first amendment. It creates a legal fiction. Also we created two classes of female individuals, one group that works for a corporation that can make up any kind of religion(Scientology for example) and deny its female worker birth control and non religious corporations that cannot. You have allowed, in effect, two classes of women who get unequal treatment with the stroke of a pen. It is the WORST judicial activism in the wrong direction. He has the basic qualifications, sure but only if you want to turn back the clock 200 years should you confirm him. What are you gonna do when the religion believes that races should not mix, you gonna let some corp kick out the blacks customers and workers because their existence is offensive?


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