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Judge Blocks Trump’s Immigration Order; White House Seeks Emergency Stay
by Countable
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  • Kasem

    Trumps immigration ban is not only legally deficient but logically deficient as well. The grand total of American citizens killed by immigrants from the countries he's placed a ban on are a total of 0, ironically the same number of casualties in that bowling green massacre. Of course the Saudi king loved this because he found room to stick his hand to share control of the Donald trump puppet. These people aren't terrorists, since 9/11 our terrorist attacks have been home grown, not from countries like Iran. If trump would look at irans response to 9/11, he'd see a country that protested the barbaric acts, and even the ayatollah banned death to America chants for a while and led a prayer for the victims. What was Saudi Arabia's response? Propping up any Sunni groups willing to fight Shias. Moving away from the politics the reality is that this type of ban is religious based. Christians don't get turned away, but muslims do. This judge showed courage in halting this ban, and hopefully this leads to the death of this executive order

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