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Texas Toughens Laws Against Oil Protesters - Should More States?
by Countable
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  • Jon
    Voted No

    Do I support abolishment of ppl’s right to peaceful protest protected by the 1st Amendment? Hell no! This country is stuck in reverse. It’s truly remarkable (and not in a good way) that we could live in a day and age where a bribery of elected officials is legally protected via the 1st Amendment thanks to the most backward SCOTUS decision in modern history, yet ppl’s right to peaceful protest is fair game. So not only are they marginalizing the voices of those with the least money within their own government, they’re now out to abolish the rights to protest it? Where does it end? Is it only for pipelines? If states are allowed to do this, at what point will they start to use it as a precedence to abolish protesting against anything?

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