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Chicago First City to Collect ‘Netflix Tax’ – Should Others Follow?
by Countable
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  • Ray
    Voted Oppose

    No, period. Stop taxing everything that the 99% might use. Instead tax the 1% and large corporations. Start taxing the churches where they collect untold amount of money with no real accounting and our money ends up helping churches to buy properties or cruise ship and etc. What do we get back from them abuse and treatment that we don’t deserve. They keep the public looking for handout. By the way, what happened to the major tax break we gave out to Trillions of dollars so that multinational corporations could bring back to US and help the economy and we were all going to benefit from it? None of us 99% saw a penny of it. This is how rich get richer at a cost to the rest of us and we the 99% consistently end up holding the bag.

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