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Judge Blocks Trump’s Immigration Order; White House Seeks Emergency Stay
by Countable
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  • Emcgarv

    I am very unhappy that our senate and house human beings have crossed over their core values. I know there are many that are really struggling to do the right thing in congress but are afraid it will end their career. Dear congress, those of you feeling torn what to do need to go what your heart is telling you because if you do not step up, not just this order, but the nonsense you continue to allow, you will not have a job Anyway. You are just laying back, accepting what you know are lies, and joining party voting. I'm ashamed me Portman and mr Jordan that you are cow towing. Mr Jordan you are cocky just like my president. Mr Portman I respect somethings you are trying to do but I do believe even though you are nice and liked by most you still are crossing over your core and party voting. It's no secret I don't like POTUS but I had hoped he wouldn't have hired establishment and people who are against the very thing they are now in charge of. He has met with people all about money. Yes pharma is a big issue but he made sure any congressional person that's worked on same thing were not available for meetings and basically told these companies what to do or else. Or else they stock will plummet when he treats them like crap tweeting or their stock will go up if he praises them. So, they will be in business is they walk his line....just like GOP. You are supposed to be great patriots but you are letting him blow up our relationships with countries and degrade people etc. I know that is not what your party is about and I'm saying I sure feel less safe now. Especially his spontaneous combustion followed by alternative facts followed by GOP going right along like Lil puppy dogs. I know we are better than this. We got nothing done as a country for 8 years because of GOP selfish behavior not working with obama the black president and WENT CEAZY WHEN HE DUD EXECUTIVE ORDERS BECAUSE YOU OROLLE WOULDNT DEBATE OR VOte and just stayed the do nothing congress. It seemed ok with you and now you are the rush to do everything fast while trump has everyone distracted with the shit that eventually either kill us or impeach him. You think we are stupid voters that aren't watchingvthe sneaky crap behind the scenes. Well obviously you see by protests everyday that people are watching. This is not high school, this is not the bully in the school yard, this is not you staying away from the bully cause he's not picking on you. YET. You need to act on this behavior of our president. You need to NOT VOTE FOR EDUCATION LEADer. You can't fix what you don't know and SHE DOESNT NO. Experience is usually what gets you a position. But seems like you all disagree from the cabinet we have. You voted in to send your people's message. The majority do not agree though electoral yeah yeah yeah. I haven't mentioned the fact our president had yet to meet with veterans and disabled veteran won't make him any money. Yet the words homeless and veteran can and dies get used in same sentence. SO SAD. We are better than this. And I have not mentioned my congressman sherrod Brown because I've seen the action in you Sherrod personally. I've seen you help the people and I've seen you fight for your, as well as all constitutes. I've seen you try to be independent and try to understand perspectives of people that think different and try to understand their perspective. I appreciate that. But I also understand right now how divided we are and the pause needs to happen in the White House not the borders. I'm appalled at the performance of my president and I can't believe it's acceptable to rep Jordan and congressman Portman. We have created enemies and you should be worried fir our country or at least know that we are all very anxious. If we are refugees because of trumps mouth, expect to be treated by closed borders. I'm saddened by "the Christian" White House and congress that spout about their Christian deep belief in God but do THE EXACT OPPOSITE what God expects us to act.


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