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Do You Support Fining Companies That Don’t Ensure Equal Pay?
by Countable
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  • Mart
    Voted No

    There’s no such thing as gender wage gap. First, if companies want to make millions, why are any males even hired then? Pay women less and make more money. Second, what data are you using? Apple to apple, women actually make a slight more money. Don’t compare lifetime earning, women takeoff more sick days for child and spouse issues, take maternity leave, or tend to take less wages but better benefits. A college prof teaching economics male and female with same classes, same demographics make the same. If not, hire only female profs. How does one prove each person that is different gets same pay. I taught for 40 years, no female had a lesser contract. Third, don’t compare competency with actual jobs. Not all PhDs should make the same. Sen Harris makes more than a state senator, same degrees, same job. That’s unfair. More important? Who says? I taught economics and government and Spanish for 4 decades, is that less or more important than a gym teacher? Why as a prof did I make less than a WNBA athlete? The market best determines what’s most important by what people want the most.

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