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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Rejects Subpoena for Trump’s Tax Returns
by Axios
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    Donald J Trump, his administration and his lackey in the DOJ are ignoring congressional oversight. To do so fundamentally attacks our democracy and our constitution. We are in a constitutional crisis which may fundamentally destroy democracy. The government for the people, by the people is tenuously close to perishing from this earth, only to be replaced by the Trump Organization. Below is a very short list of reasons impeachment should be pursued, it includes crimes, lies and immorality: Mr. Trump claims he is wealthy beyond measure, but fears release of his tax returns, a norm that has been followed for decades so the American people can insure their President is not beholden to foreign influence. What is he afraid of us learning, is it that he is wealthy, or is it that he is deeply in debt and guilty of fraud and money laundering? He claims he does not need banks, when it is determined that Deutsche Bank flagged he and Mr. Kuschner’s accounts for investigation into money laundering during and after the presidential election. If he is truly innocent his financial records would clear him. In public, and on national television, Mr. Trump asked a hostile foreign power to provide help to his own election, something that is not only morally unacceptable, but illegal as well. He told the Russian ambassador that he fired Mr. Comey to rid himself of the Russia investigation. He and his lawyers asked Michael Flynn to report on and lie to investigators, and when caught said he should have been told Mr. Flynn was under investigation (he was in fact informed by President Obama). Mr. Trump has used his pardon power to enrich himself politically and to help his allies. Most concerning, he dishonors our military by pardoning the very few in its ranks guilty of murdering civilians. Something that is morally reprehensible. Mr. Trump brazenly ignored the emoluments clause and is enriching himself and his family through his presidency. Mr. Trump favors separation and incarceration of children. Mr. Trump time and time again has sided with despots, dictators and demagogues over his own intelligence community. He refuses to stand up to Russia’s proven attack on our democracy. It is now time that congress set aside the politics of Washington and take up defense of morality, justice and the constitution. The President of the United States of America is a criminal, a traitor, and wishes to be a king. It is time our elected officials do their duty to their country and impeach the President so he can be indicted, prosecuted and punished for his crimes.

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