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The DC: Trump's new immigration plan, and... 📲 Is social media biased against conservatives?
by Countable
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  • Linda

    Trump said we are “full”. Now he wants an immigration law that picks & chooses people of “merit”. All people have merit. We are a nation of all people from laborers to highly educated. That balance is what makes us great. We use to work together to ensure all people had opportunities to be whatever they strived to be. Trump’s plan does not do that. Trump has family members who benefited in their immigration. Yet he wants to change that. He wants better educated; then let’s better educate the people in this country. Improve education so it’s open to everyone to advanced as far as desired. DACA is not addressed. There must be a low cost path for children brought & educated here to become citizens. This is the only country they know. And we must end Birthright Citizenship to end this way for foreign families to gain a path to eligibility for government benefits & rights. Children should retain their parents citizenship. End Russian vacationers giving birth in this country to gain a citizenship child. It’s wrong.


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