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Judge Blocks Trump’s Immigration Order; White House Seeks Emergency Stay
by Countable
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  • Chelle

    I'd first like to start by saying that I love my country, and I love my little high desert community. I was always reluctant to vote, and grew up under the impression that our voices didn't count. I was judged harshly for many years, by many people. After watching our economy wither, and society growing anxious; it was time. I had to take the risk in voting, I had to believe that we as a people, mattered. When I voted, I voted third party, which I also took slack for. After Trump won, I realized that it was true, us as American citizens didn't matter, hence the electoral college over riding our majority against Trump. At that point, once again, because I love my country: I had to believe in Trump, because of my loyalty to this country, and my hopes that Trump would prove more useful, then dangerous. On one hand, I never graduated high school; and on the other, I've gone out of my way to study our constitution and the moral capacity from which this country was built. All of this civic unrest motivated me to do my own research and study as a 33 year old, where I never did when I was 17. The reality that our voices really don't matter, is terrifying. The reality that now our own government is defying our constitution feels criminal. Among my research I checked the justice bureau's statistics in crime. Within the immigration bill, it states that this "wall" is partially for the safety of our people. With these immigration bans, it seemed odd to me. When you consider the statistics that most terrorist acts were executed by criminals already in America. When you also consider that the immigrant populous is not the highest group to commit the most crimes; something feels even worse. Our own American citizens top the charts for the highest amount of crimes committed in 2016. Not only is the "wall" and the immigration ban unethical, but it truly is unAmerican. Our government is actually making stuff up, and convincing those that don't do their own research, that minorities are tipping the crime scale. This research that I've done has pained me with the realization that those who vow to protect us and lead our country, are pointing fingers and placing blame; that will only create not only more civil unrest within the country, but others as well. Actions like these do not rectify the accusations that we are a selfish and greedy country. I was born and raised here, with no intention to leave, but I'm definitely aware that we are now a bigger target then ever. I need to know that our votes matter, and so does many of our American patrons. You're job is to represent the majority, and you're blatantly defying that majority. I never thought there'd be a time when our lady liberty meant more to someone like me, then to our own congress. I'm glad that I never passed my history class, because now I see that it would have never mattered. You're showing us that America isn't "for the people", you're showing us that it's for you, and watching us suffer. "We the people" will fight tooth and nail to restore the beauty of this countries acceptance, and land of immigrants from whence we all came. I never thought I'd see the day where our national flag would draw the same responses as rebel flags; and there's something seriously wrong with that.

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