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Alabama Senate Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban – Should More States?
by Countable
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  • Linda
    Voted No

    Abortions are legal. Should remain legal. Taxpayer funds should be spent on 1. sex education, birth control to include pills, implants, conforms, vasectomy. 2. Clinics that provide mammograms, Pap smears, STD testing & treatment. 3. Reduce infant mortality. 4. Improve women’s healthcare. Government has no place in making medical decisions for men or women. This abuse of patients rights must stop. Doctors who perform legal procedures should not be charged with manslaughter, murder, or any felony for performing legal medical procedures such as abortion to save life. Minor age victims of sexual assault must be protected from pregnancy & disease. Minor age victims should not be forced to have any future dealings with their attacker, other than during prosecution. Fathers of children born from rape & assault have no legal rights to the child, custody or visitation. They may be ordered to pay for medical care & child support of the minor child born from such an assault. States are wasting taxpayer funds on trying to change the law ending abortions. We must not return to backstreet abortions that injure or kill females. Legal abortion care protects the quality of such healthcare. Separation of church & state is violated when Christians’ beliefs are used to legally take away the rights of others. This must stop. We are a nation of many religions, given the freedom to worship but not force those beliefs on others. Protect to ensure separation is not weakened by bad laws.


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