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Trump Admin Reportedly Weighing Military Responses to Potential Attacks by Iran
by Countable
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  • Jon
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    Complete hogwash. Iran has done nothing wrong. All I see is the most overtly corrupt Administration in US history desperately searching for any kind of distraction from scandal after scandal, and subsequent investigations that follow. What better way to do that than by starting a war with a country that’s done nothing to provoke it. The defense industry loves it because they can sell it as justification for a budget that dwarves the next seven countries’ defense budgets combined. And the fossil fuel industry loves it because it gives them another go at ruthlessly exploiting the resources of another country under the guise of “spreading freedom & Democracy.” Make this madness stop. We have an infantile, narcissistic, egomaniac with control of nuclear codes as POTUS, and an insatiably greedy corporate America looking to steal everything not nailed down.

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