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Trump Picks Judge Neil Gorsuch to Fill Supreme Court Vacancy
by Countable
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  • Stacy

    ABSOLUTELY YES!!!! We need a Supreme Court Justice that believes in constitutionalism, and will follow the laws as they were written without fail. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were not written and implemented as the laws of the land by the countries founders in order for them to be changed at the whim of anyone that doesn't like them. There is a long process to adding an amendment to the constitution, and that is not taken lightly, nor should it be. Those of you that sit and complain about abortion rights, obviously have no concept or ides how laws work. Your abortion rights won't be taken away because of Roe vs, Wade, although the law could be changed to establish the types of abortions and the reasons under which they can be performed. However, the government is NOT bound to supplying funding to any organization that performs or supplies those services. The government has every right to require those services to be offered at the expense of private donors or privately paid for by the individual receiving the abortion. Tax payers that are pro-life, or have other beliefs regarding abortions, should not be forced to pay for them in the form of government funding to the agencies through our tax dollars. It is unconstitutional against our innate rights as pro-life supporters.


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