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Trump Picks Judge Neil Gorsuch to Fill Supreme Court Vacancy
by Countable
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  • Jillian

    Please vote no on Gorsuch. I find his literalist constitutional views and similarities to Scalia along with his views on LGBT rights and reproductive issues to be out of line with the mainstream. Please remember that this current administration does not have the mandate of the people and therefor the views they endorse are not inline with the mainstream. Do not think that because there are a majority of Republicans in power that it is because of a mandate of the populous. It is only because of gerrymandering of districts and the ineffectual job of the electoral college. We the people are in the streets and we are loudly telling you, our representatives, what we want and it is not Neil Gorsuch. Please think very carefully about this. You represent more people than those who voted you on and are supposed to act in our interest. This choice is not inline with the mainstream. At the very least we need a more centrist option. Although based on the shear numbers of voters it seems the people would prefer a more liberal choice. This will affect lives for generations. Many of my friends and family and woman like me will suffer if we roll back GLBT rights and reproductive choices.


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