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Your Turn, Your Voices: Trump Retweets Call for Two Years to Be Added to His Term As ‘Reparations’
by Countable
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  • Riley
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    Sure, although I'm pretty sure he's not serious, just trying to rile y'all up. If it happened though I certainly wouldn't complain, my life has gotten better under this president. Hope has been restored to our future because of this president. We are finally defending Isreal & confronting China/Russia economically. We aren't following Europe down their idiotic path of having more migrants in their countries than own citizens. Europe is being destroyed by leftist leaders that have bigger hearts than brains. You can only allow in so many, open borders is shicidal. Also on that note he is the first president to actually try to solve the border crisis. I support this President, he is looking out for Americas best interests.

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