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President Trump to Change Great Recession Financial Reform
by Countable
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  • Steve

    Here is the message I sent to my Reps; It is a sad commentary that we need a rule requiring those in the finance industry to act in the fiduciary interest of the clients who in fact PAY for their guidance and expertise. It is even sadder that a President who claims to be a populist could be so utterly cynical when it comes to the retirement of millions of hardworking Americans. This rule revoking stands as a genuine reminder that this serial liar, a man who claims to represent the broken dreams of hardworking Americans would so cynically and callously repeal rules to provide succor to the Wall Street scam artists who tanked the economy with their casino style finance schemes. Trump's "friends" have already impeded the future of two generations. What does it take to quell the insatiable greed of Trump's cronies and the 1%? Republicans and their fellow travelers may want to brush aside this and the already dozens of affronts to the people as the prerogative of the executive branch. I say your days in office are numbered! We can not and will not fall victim to fascist loving oligarchs and their quisling political puppets! There is still time for you to gain some semblance of moral turpitude. Stop abetting the looting the people of the United States by this grifter!


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