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Republicans Introduce Possible Obamacare Replacements
by Countable
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  • Stacy

    Before doing ANYTHING to the ACA, the government needs to do more to regulate the cost of medical care and prescriptions. Enforcing a maximum cost any pharmaceutical company can charge (based on what a medication costs to make, rather then basing it on the NEED of the prescription based on what it is used for. Exp. Chemo, EpiPens and Diabetic Meds. are all extremely overpriced because a person HAS to have them.) and regulating the cost of medical services/surgeries. Furthermore, enforcing the cost of supplies in hospitals also needs to be taken care of. The days of paying $5-8 for a basic aspirin or a band-aid needs to come to an end. Also, there are laws on the books that state a medical treatment should not be charged one price for an individual without insurance, and another price for an insurance claim, and yet another price for Medicare/Medicaid (which IS regulated with a maximum cost of treatment). It is the ability of care givers to drag private insurance companies over the coals that drives up the cost of insurance. If the government were to base cost by percentage on the actual cost of procedure, supplies, or cost to produce, then Insurance companies would have no excuses for such high premiums. And in turn, that savings to the insurance companies could be passed down to the consumer via lower premiums.

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