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Republicans Introduce Possible Obamacare Replacements
by Countable
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  • Carol

    NONE of you folks leaving comments understand that the ACA cannot continue as it is. The whole thing was built on lies and the whole thing is skating next to bankruptcy all the time. These are ONLY TWO of the bills which have been proposed. I know you folks have not taken the time to read them or you would understand that BOTH of them keep the Pre Existing Condition provision. BOTH of them keep kids on parents policies until 26. They remove the requirement that all Americans purchase the insurance or be fined (into the thousands now). They remove the requirement that "one size fits all" is included in policies. For example, why should a 60 year old male be forced to pay for maternity services. The ability to purchase across state lines and the ability to purchase "a la carte" policies which cover services you need make for more affordable policies and more intelligent policies.


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