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Do You Support Trump Asserting Executive Privilege Over the Full Mueller Report?
by Countable
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  • Missy

    This is nuts. How can it possibly be that a suspect is in absolute control of the evidence against him, his friends, and family? No person (or administration) is above the law. This cannot be an exception to that rule. Every day, trump and his cronies are exercising more power than they are due. This is the last straw, and this president must not be allowed to obstruct justice any further than he already has. If no wrong has been found, and trump has been fully exonerated (we all know this is another trump-manufactured lie), what is he afraid the unredacted report will show? Let the world see everything there is to see, since it is all roses and lilacs. Kentucky reps, you weak-kneed, gutless a-- kissers...the good news is this...your offices will soon be held by someone else.

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