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Judge Blocks Trump’s Immigration Order; White House Seeks Emergency Stay
by Countable
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  • John.Nutt

    Yay we are a nation of immigrants!!! Yeah but we all assimilated. Muslims don't assimilate. Have you ever read the Quran? I have there is a lot of bad verses in there about killing non believers. Have you ever read Sharia law? The woman who was in charge of the woman's March believed that it should be placed in the constitution. The whole thing is about inequality. It says that a woman cannot prosecute her rapist. It also says that you should lie for the benefit of Islam. Islam is the only religion that is currently growing and in 2050 it will catch up with or maybe even surpass Christianity in numbers. This is a very scary thing. You know why? Because in Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism you have a choice if you want to join or leave in Islam if you leave it is "punishable by DEATH" as said in Sharia Law. Islam you are forced to join (in areas where Islam has enough numbers to enforce it) and can't leave without dying. There is no way to stop this. They already are taking over Europe with the rape rings in the U.K. And the Muslim mobs beating up people and rapping girls at New Year's Day in Germany. No one is willing to stand up and speak out against them expect trump. You people need to do your research. As of now with you idiots there is no possible way to stop Islam from taking over the world that is exactly what they want to do. Have you ever seen Iran in the 70s before the Islamic revolution??? It used to look like the US in the 70. But then Islam took over the government and input Sharia Law and then every woman what required to wear a burqa (which is a form of suppression btw. I mean they are forced to wear a black polyester burqa in the Middle East that is basically a scratchy oven) and now they are stoning rape victims and hanging people because it's all in the Quran. If you are a Muslim and don't believe in sharia law or follow the Quran to the fullest than you aren't a real Muslim. People might claim that that is a real Muslim but Isis are the actual Muslims they are following the prophet Muhammad (who was a warlord) they are trying to create a caliphate and take over the world for Allah. If we don't stop them from coming in and there is enough of them they will start to spread and take over the US as they probably will Europe. Just look at Europe they are having numerous terror attacks and rape cases because they let so many refugees in. Sure the refugees want to escape the war but they grew up and were raised in a violent society and worship and violent religion. The real refugees are the Christians who are being persecuted and burned alive in the Middle East and can't go into the refugee camp because they will be beaten there and can't flee over on a boat because the Muslims always drown and rape the Christians on the way over. they are coming whether or not you believe they are peaceful and sure there is a slight chance I might be wrong but I doubt it and I don't want to find out. KNOW YOUR FACTS PEOPLE.

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