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Trump Picks Judge Neil Gorsuch to Fill Supreme Court Vacancy
by Countable
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  • Jennifer

    Vote no ! If someone is employed and has health coverage from the company they work for I strongly believe contraception should still be an option it does not violate someone's religious views, if give them options they don't have to take the contraception if they don't want to , but taking that option away from everyone is not something I would associate with a country considered and called to be freedom of the people. I don't want someone in this position to "interpret" our constitution to what "their" religious views, or be swayed by that , we do have freedom of religion and that means more than just Christian views. This is important to any power of position in this country to understand , we are diverse so the more options we have then we have freedom to decide based on "the peoples" views not based on a single view that isn't willing to see the millions of others .


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