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President Trump to Change Great Recession Financial Reform
by Countable
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  • Gail

    Thank you Massachusetts Senators and Representatives for upholding Dodd Frank ruling. Here is a clear example of Congress doing the bidding of their buddies in the banking industry at the expense of the consumer and the economy. The repeated reasoning they offer that such rules squelch economic competition is bs. The fact that these rules were put in place to prevent the tanking of the economy caused by the recklessness of so many in the banking industry and that President Obama through his implementation of such protections restored order to our economy, should be evidence enough that going back to the way it was is unconscionable. When will the people who elect these officials stop believing their false promises and rhetoric and vote them out of office? They are stooges for corporations and do their bidding. Vote them out of office before they destroy our economy and precipitate another depression era. Did you not notice what Wells Fargo just pulled off by opening thousands of accounts without their customers' permission? Did the CEO get in trouble? No, the low level workers got fired for doing what the company told them to do. I appreciate that you have been standing up for the interest of the people. When will so many Americans stop rewarding the members of Congress who ignore the interests of their constituents and the highest good of the Public over and over again. When will they stop voting for them just because they are in the same party. I have been an independent all of my 40 plus years of voting so that I am not beholden to a party, but to the issues. Thank you again for your vital work even in the face of great opposition.


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