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Judge Blocks Trump’s Immigration Order; White House Seeks Emergency Stay
by Countable
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  • Kevin

    It's sad that's federal judge, a republican, that was given his job by Former President George W. Bush, has to tell you people along with millions of other Americans that this ban Trump has ordered is unconstitutional. You people bring up Obama issues a ban, no not like this he didn't. These immigrants and refugees go through a vetting process that was put into place long ago to keep this country safe has worked and still works today if the vetting is done correctly. It is discrimination, unconstitutional and Trump and his friends are making up fake massacres and alternative facts and alternative sources for everything they do and Congress is just sitting back letting it happen. Don't forget all of you were voted in and can be voted right back out. And you guys should hope and pray no charges get brought up on any of you for letting these reckless acts happen. You guys are supposed to uphold the constitution and laws of this country and are supposed to keep presidents and anyone else from steering this country down a path that we can't come back from. Everything you guys have blamed President Obama for doing, which he didn't, your precious Trump is now doing, and you all are just letting it happen.


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