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Judge Blocks Trump’s Immigration Order; White House Seeks Emergency Stay
by Countable
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    Support the reversal of the ban on humans. Why are we even going down this road? Have we learned nothing? I am a registered independent from the great state of Colorado where it still matters less what party you belong to, than how you handle "alternative facts" and for sure how you vote. If you back ANY nomination, any bill; ANY vote that hurts people. We are aggressively coming after your seat. I call on ANY republican in congress to band together to stop this "move" against democracy and to save your prestigious party. Just five of you, perhaps led by the charismatic if not vain, Junior Senator from my still great state. Colorado may be the only state that would back such a move. It is YOUR DUTY!! Senator Gardner, a warning.... you WILL protect human rights or we will elect someone who will. Will you be just another lackey on the wrong side of history, or a true leader; a hero of the people on the "right" (correct) side? What would it take? 5 Senators who want to REALLY be powerful. Maybe a Rocky Mountain Alliance against the new Hitler. You would become the most powerful 5 men/women on the planet instantly and for the rest of your lives!! Or you can be the new Hitler's yes men. Do this and we will come after your seat immediately; and you will become a spineless footnote to this takeover; an embarrassment that will be crushed BY THE PEOPLE! Mark my words. Heed the warning. You are literally running out of time either way.

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