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Trump Says He Discussed ‘Russian Hoax’ with Putin, Avoided Talk of 2020 Election Meddling
by Countable
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    Mr. Trump continues to believe the word of a foreign adversary over the word of his own military and intelligence agencies. Mr. Mueller stated in his investigation it was impossible to fully assess the degree of criminal conspiracy between Mr. Trump and Russia because of the sheer magnitude of obstruction perpetrated by the Trump administration. Mr. Barr seems to think this is ok, that any sitting president can obstruct or shut down any investigation at their discretion. This is NOT okay. No president is above the law or congressional oversight. If this becomes the norm there is no democracy, there is empire and dictatorship. It is time the GOP controlled senate protects the constitution. It is time for congress to stand up together for the sake of the Republic and hold Mr. Barr in contempt, impeach him and imprison him. It is time the traitor and criminal in the White House be impeached, indicted and prosecuted as a traitor and enemy of the state. He deserves the same treatment as Julian and Ethel Rosenberg.

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