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States Sue Trump Over Religious Protections for Health Workers
by Countable
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  • James
    Voted No

    Put simply if you can not provide care to any person in need you don’t need to be in healthcare, period. This is an incredibly slippery slope to start down. This, like most of the rest of the faith based objections to every day life in America, is poorly conceived. It’s not an original thought either. Previous generations have run into similar issues but they thought it through and realized what a bad idea it is to start down the road of religious exemptions...because its discrimination. What happens when, inevitably, someone needlessly dies because someone refuses to do their part in caring for a patient? Lawsuits, tons of lawsuits. Medical stocks plummet for companies involved in the issue. People lose their jobs and above all SOMEONE DIES. Do not support this legislation or any other like it.


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