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President Trump to Change Great Recession Financial Reform
by Countable
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  • Den480

    Please oppose any changes to Dodd-Frank. In the Great Recession my husband and I lost everything we had because we had invested heavily in real estate. We even lost our home in Arizona. We moved to California to be near our son and start over in our 50s. It was absolute fraudulent practice by the banks, we tried to reach out to Chase for help and they told us we had to be 3 months behind on our mortgage before they would talk to us. I clarified, "are you telling me to stop making our mortgage payments?" And they said that they couldn't technically tell us that but we could be assured that if we weren't 3 months behind they wouldn't talk to us. On the 3rd missed payment they foreclosed on our home. We NEED these regulations. My husband was a pastor and I work in social services, both in Az and in CA to assist the homeless. There was no help for us.


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