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Judge Blocks Trump’s Immigration Order; White House Seeks Emergency Stay
by Countable
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  • Heather

    Please support this judge's decision. Even if someone supports a temporary ban, the way it was carried out has caused more harm than good. While I don't support a ban at all, if there is going to be one, exclude those who already hold their visas and tickets. Don't ban entire countries. There are individuals who have sold everything and gone through the proper steps to come here. There are families split apart unexpectedly. There are students set up to attend universities here and children with appointments for special treatments or surgeries here. There is not even data to back up such an extreme and sudden ban being necessary for the safety of Americans. But our safety is now in jeopardy more than ever because Trump wants to show off his power and pick a fight with other nations. And Americans are in more danger due to the reactions of radical individuals inside the US, both Muslim and Christian, whose actions will be fired by the tension this ban has created.


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