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Five New Cosponsors Sign Onto House Impeachment Resolution - Do You Support Impeachment Proceedings Against Trump?
by Countable
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  • Donna
    Voted No

    I do not want the House to take up impeachment proceedings against this man. To use the words of Nancy Pelosi, he is not worth it. If, by some miracle, the sycophants in the Senate stopped drinking the Kool Aid provided daily and actually convicted this man and removed him from office, that would leave us with a President Pence. Like Ford before him, the first official act undertaken by President Pence would be to fully pardon this corrupt, dangerous man and ALL his co-conspirators except maybe Michael Cohen since he "flipped". This is not justice. This would be proving to The Donald, once again, he can break any law, screw any person, damage our democratic republic and suffer no consequence. He needs to be brought before those same courts he has railed against for the last two years as someone indicted for crimes against the US. Now THAT would be justice.

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