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Sailors Report Enduring Concerns About Navy Readiness and Leadership
by ProPublica
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  • Rick
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    As retired career Navy, a can attest that leadership is the key to every success and lack of proper leadership results in failures. In my 24 years of active duty during the Vietnam era and Cold War, I witnessed countless examples of leadership, both good and bad, at all levels. It has always been my opinion that far too many Flag Officers become bobble headed yes men and politicians once they are assigned to the Pentagon. The Navy is a unique and proud service dedicated to always getting the job done, no matter what. All of my successes, and there many, depended on the efforts of those who worked for me. It was up to me as a leader to ensure they had everything they needed, including knowledge, experience, resources, food, clothing, shelter etc. Navy leadership at the highest level is demanding and our sailors deserve on the best we can provide. It appears that we are currently failing our sailors in this area and we must do better.

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