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Should Drug Companies Be Held Responsible for the Opioid Crisis?
by Countable
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  • Bob
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    I worked for years as a Master's Degree level substance abuse counselor. The most resistant clients I ever encountered were those who had been prescribed opioids for pain management. These drugs lose effectiveness over time. Consequently, their doctors often increased the dosages, many unaware and untrained in the field of addiction. Despite the negative consequences many of these patients ended up facing, ie. loss of job, family and legal problems, many of them continued to believe the drugs they were prescribed were still necessary. "Big Pharma" plays a huge role in the problem of addiction in our country, choosing corporate profit over public health and safety. In addition, these drug companies dupe many physicians who are not trained in addiction, often falsely leading them to believe that the products they are pushing on these doctors are non-addictive when they are not.


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