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President Trump to Change Great Recession Financial Reform
by Countable
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    Banking & financial regulations need to be strengthened, not repealed. We cannot afford another world wide financial crisis. The banks & financial corporations need to be held accountable for victimizing their customers & reaping profits through manipulated transactions where they are paid no matter what the outcome for their customers. The banks are still too big-it is against our interests to have so little competition & the next failure would be catastrophic. Also, people need to be held personally responsible-no one went to jail last time. Loopholes need to be closed in our laws & regulations in place & policed. The regulatory costs banks complain about are necessary because they won't willingly protect their customers-as already evidenced. And some of the cost resulted from fines for their wrong doing-they had a choice to do the right thing & took a risk of not getting caught.


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