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President Trump to Change Great Recession Financial Reform
by Countable
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  • Elsie

    I do not support the changes to Dodd-Frank through executive order - the president's actions to date have not been in the spirit of protecting the average consumer. Rather, it seems that the President is ensuring his banking "buddies" are able to freely maneuver through through a friendlier regulatory climate which, in the end, makes only them richer while putting the average joe's retirement accounts, homes and life savings at risk. Many of us average folks are just beginning to recover from the last recession whereas Trump said in 2006 in a Trump University Audiobook that if the housing market crashed it might be good for him because he could buy real estate for cheap. The market crashed and he DID make lots of money. I have major concerns here. The man has room many conflicts of interest and murky relations with Wall Street to be trustworthy, but I digress


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