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Congress Flooded With Constituent Feedback and More In Politics Today
by Countable
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  • Amy

    We are on the brink of irreparable disaster in this country if our Congress men and women - Republican and Democratic alike don't stand up to Trump. I ask you to think not of your political career or even what you think is the will of your constituents but to consider what is good of our country! If you continue to let this lunatic run unchecked, you will see an increase in hostility which will eventually lead to violence from frustrated Americans who are not being heard. You will also see growing hostility that will lead to violence from other countries who have been unnecessarily offended by our current buffoon and chief. For you who have yet to grow a pair, prepare to be outed at the first opportunity. For you see, it's not Democrats or Republicans that are the problem. The problem lies with spineless congressmen and women who see the corruption but are too much of a coward to do what's right!

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