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Trump Transition Timeline: From Election Day to Day 100 of His Administration
by Countable
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  • Ben

    So, you sycophantic congressional republicans continue to follow this asshole down his autocratic rabbit hole and are voting on bill after bill that will completely undo or destroy the legacy of the most popular president of our modern history. How do you think that this is going to end for you? Not well. That's how. Probably the largest mistake that republicans make, time and again, is that they are completely incapable of learning from the past. That is going to bite you right in your money grubbing asses this time. Your decisions will inevitably lead to an enormous liberal revolution. Not just a moderate Obama-type president. Nope. You will wish (or you guys will surely pray) for Obama's presidency. Instead it will be a Bernie-type presidency. A liberal, leftist, socialist-democratic presidency. And that will be absolutely magnificent for this country. We will finally join the rest of the modernized world in global evolution. So... keep it up. I wish you no luck at all for the next election. See you at the polls!

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