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President Trump to Change Great Recession Financial Reform
by Countable
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  • AmyB

    This EO directly impacts my employer and my job. We've spent the last year implementing new policy to meet the DOL fiduciary rule. I've seen the impact unethical activity on the part of Wall Street has had on our clients. These regulations are in place for a reason. To protect the consumer. Trump and his like want to continue to line their pockets. If Congress doesn't oppose this EO that rolls back the Dodd-Frank and delays (indefinitely) the DOL fiduciary standard the next thing on his list will be ERISA and we can kiss our 401k plans goodbye. I call on you to resist his unethical and unconstitutional executive orders. Impeach him now. Our country can't wait to take a pulse reading of his presidency at the 100-day mark... there won't be anything left by that point.

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