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President Trump to Change Great Recession Financial Reform
by Countable
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  • Maureen

    Rape. That is what this is, rape of the American people. We ( as a struggling middle income family) keep getting slammed by health care costs, college costs for our kids.... I fear for what we are becoming as a nation. We bought a home 16 years ago in Skokie for 223k, put another 70k in needed home improvements and now hope to retire (after 30+ years as a civil servant) but because of EXACTLY the lack of holding Wall Street accountable.... guess what? We would be lucky to break even (223k) when we sell - so not only do we not have equity, we have literally lost the 70k we put in after acquiring g the home. We either have to keep working to hold on to our home or walk away and try and find affordable rental and die without anything left to pass on. How is this ok? We did what we were always told to do, but a home! Why are we going backwards.... so we can expect another economic meltdown in several years? Just fed up!!!! Please keep fighting for us?!


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