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Do You Support Erasing Student-Loan Debt?
by Countable
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  • Sammi
    Voted Oppose

    In the past students who wanted to go to college worked after school and all summer to save to go, they also worked during their time in college to pay for their education. Taking out loans seem to be the easier way to fund their schooling but has turned out to be the harder choice but they need to pay the bill or work out a plan with the loan company to get it paid not to expect to all be forgiven because they did not figure out that it might not be the way to go. Congress can make the loan companies work with the student instead of having the student do or die. The loan companies seem to not want to give even a little bit to help the students after or even give the student the real-life info before they sign on the dotted line as the student have no experiment in the real world yet.yet.

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