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President Trump to Change Great Recession Financial Reform
by Countable
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  • Patricia

    Blunt, do NOT Repeal Dodd-Frank! Citizens, call your Senators and Congresspeople and tell them NOT to remove the Dodd-Frank protections Obama put in place. These protections have kept our economy safe from a repeat of the recession caused by the greedy fraud of Wall Street big banks, whom WE bailed out in 2009 with OUR tax dollars. Remember how these big banks packaged and traded in HIGH RISK mortgage-backed securities that were rated as LOW RISK (AAA, AA) by S&P and Moody's rating agencies, with whom they were cahoots? When the risky loans failed, those mortgage-backed securities failed, causing all the banks to fail, even those who didn't do any sub-prime lending. DF is to ensure that this doesn't happen again. All of us suffered from this crash. If it happens again, and it will, we can't afford to bail them out again! The only adjective Trump knows is "disaster," which he calls Dodd-Frank. Seriously? The real disaster was the crash of the big banks and the money all he and his cronies made. And now, who makes up his cabinet? His billionaire Wall Street crooks from Goldman Sachs. (We still need to see his taxes!) Please call your representatives. And explain this to your friends and family who think Trump is going to look out for them.

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