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CBO: Programs for the Elderly to Approach 50% of Federal Noninterest Spending
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    I believe the report neglected to mention the amount that people pay into social security and Medicare. Social Security was originally set up as a trust fund to cover expenses for its stated purpose. Many a Congress in the past has diverted funds from this trust so no wonder there are problems now. Also, raising the cap on taxable income would go a long way to fortifying the fund. Social Security now covers more services to a broader audience than it was originally intended to. Before making changes, lets review the fraudulent charges billed to Medicare. Not a minute goes by that commercials don’t push getting products and services, some that may not even be medically necessary, and then bill Medicare more than if these items were purchased commercially at a big box store. Maybe then there would be more money available to cover the costs referenced in the recent CBO report.

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