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Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos Begins Confirmation Hearings Tuesday
by Countable
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  • Sarah

    As a public high school educator of nearly 20 years, I am terrified of Betsy Devos' nomination as Secretary of Education and strongly urge you to fight against her confirmation. I do not believe that Mrs. Devos is a monster that wants to destroy education, if she were, everyone would be fighting against her. Instead, she is a sadly uninformed person trying to weigh in on issues she simply doesn't understand. She has shown a "let them eat cake" blinded mindset that is disturbing. She doesn't understand the daily realities of education and, because she doesn't, she would be detrimental to the future of public education in America. You cannot apply the same theories to public services like public education, fire services, or the police, that you would to corporations. Our bottom line is not "the bottom line"... its serving our communities. And, in order to do that effectively, we need to be properly supported by our state and federal government and protected from those who seek to use us for commercial gain. Just like trying to fix forest fires by giving people vouchers to select the fire department they think will stop the fire the fastest, we cannot fix the problems of education until every student in America has access to the same level of education- through properly funding our public schools, not pulling funding to support unregulated (for-profit) private & charter schools that manipulate academic data by cherry-picking their students. When we allow that to happen, the students who need the most support, will be the ones left without a place to go.


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