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President Trump to Change Great Recession Financial Reform
by Countable
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  • Emily

    Senators Portman and Brown, millions of Americans lost their 401ks, pensions, savings and homes in the recession of 2008. The future earnings of millions more have been stunted by the same economic catastrophe that prioritized the benefit of the fee over the success of many. Our national GDP will not sustain another event like this so close to the first. We have millions of Ohioans who will never have the chance to retire but will be trapped in a job market that will not hire them forcing their under employed adult children to care for them and further perpetuate the cycle of loss and depressed economic mobility for generations to come. Have I reiterated to you the magnitude of people that will be effected? Let me make it clearer. Every single one of your constituents that you have been voted into office to serve will be harmed irrevocably by another recession, one that these bills have been put in place precisely to protect from. We know, from recent memory, that it won't "work out just fine" if corporate interests are put ahead of social and civic necessities. Be a leader for the people and stand up to the repeal of this bill as opposed to a follower of the past.


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