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Judge Blocks Trump’s Immigration Order; White House Seeks Emergency Stay
by Countable
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  • Nikki

    Listen. Trump, you've made your point. A week has been far long enough. Continuing to bar refugees, immigrants, and visitors from other countries is going to damage our reputation and economy for years to come. We already have a black mark on our record, do you really want more? How can we turn away those who are only seeking a better life? Want to visit family, seek an education or work? What is so terrible about that? Oh, I'm sorry- someone might come in and hurt us. Well, considering the ban doesn't include places like Saudi Arabia where we have proof of terrorism... yeah, maybe. But you see POTUS, due to our racism, discriminations, and vast ignorance in this country perpetuated by your campaign, terrorism is home grown. We're seeing that more and more than those who come to the USA with the intent to cause harm. We are making people feel ousted. Feel alone, worthless, dangerous. We are doing this with things like your ban. We are doing this to ourselves. It's time to overturn the ban. Open our borders and allow America to be the golden beacon once again. Bring in the tired, the hungry, the poor. We were always hope and freedom- let us be that again.

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