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How Do You Feel About Confederate Memorial Day?
by Countable
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  • Sarah
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    I was born in Ga; 5th generation along several branches. Also having delved into genealogy and other historical documents, it’s clear that the multiple problems of race, economic inequality, religious fanaticism, and extreme behaviors are rooted not only in the Civil War and outcomes, but much farther back to the beginnings of Colonialism. I can name some great great uncles who fought and died in the Confederacy and others who fought for the Union. We should not and cannot deny history no matter how ugly or tragic. But we can stop the glorification of the symbols that are currently used to further divide, engender hatred, and violence. These are used effectively by politicians and other groups to push forward their agenda, of authoritarian government, furthering divisions & inequality in this country. I will therefore, not acknowledge a Confederate Memorial Day.

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