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Congress Flooded With Constituent Feedback and More In Politics Today
by Countable
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  • Dddennie1

    The over abundance of calls, emails, texts and letters are the one good thing that has happened since Trump was elected. People are involved, voicing their opinions. They are paying more attention to what is going on in government. We expect you to represent all of us, not just republicans. I have no trust in Trump. I am trying to build trust in you. So far, none of you have done anything to stand up to Trump's chaos. I am going to keep calling, texting and emailing. I hope you feel as overwhelmed as I do. You are the front line. Unless you are receiving money and benefits through political means, you've got to stop some of this. Trump does not have a social bone in his body. Everything he is doing is ego and greed driven. He is using people's ignorance to blind them while he does the opposite of what he said that got him elected. Please please stand up for us.

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