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McConnell and Kaine Introduce Bill to Raise Age to Buy Tobacco to 21 - Do You Support It?
by Countable
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  • Deborah
    Voted Oppose

    Either you're an adult at 18 or you're not. It makes no sense to raise age limit for certain items above the age that they're legally deemed an adult. This is merely a bandaid. That's all Congress does....put band aids on important scenarios. You want kids to stop smoking then EDUCATE them!! I had 1, maybe 2 substance abuse classes growing up in school. This should be a recurring class starting in elementary and required every year thereafter. The content is catered to the level of education. There are constantly new products so these should be never ending classes. You need to also educate the parents. I know parents that allow their kids to vape because they think it's safer than tobacco. Who is telling them it's not? Where is the education?!?!? Studies have been conducted that show elementary kids picking up alcohol and tobacco products in the grocery store because that's what they see Mom and Dad doing. Who is telling them otherwise?!? Nobody. Start educating and start it early. If you think tobacco and alcohol products are so bad then why are you not banning them? Why are you not limiting their marketing? They are even implanted in movies as sponsors, and the movies become their marketing vehicle. Instead of telling the People what to do, tell the tobacco and alcohol industry what not to do. Stop try to control the People. Distribute your control where it should be, on those industries.

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