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Executive Order on Immigration: Strong Action, Uncertain Orders
by Countable
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  • Michelle

    First, I think that we should review and expedite the return of individuals who were previously in the US but are being held outside of the country due to this order. I would imagine they previously had to endure quite a long process to be approved for entry, and it is only right to expedite their request to return. I also believe this hold on immigration seems to lean heavily on ensuring the safety of our nation. I don't see how any American can argue that is not an important issue. It is paramount that we have information about individuals who are seeking entry into our country. We need to ensure that refugees/immigrants will not pose a danger or become a burden to our country. This is not a new way of thinking. We have always had a system in place and a process that refugees/immigrants were required to follow. With the radicalized world that we are living in, a review of policies that are currently in place would be a wise step to take to ensure the safety of our homeland.


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