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President Trump to Change Great Recession Financial Reform
by Countable
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  • CPMonroe

    Manifest Destiny. An outmoded belief that once possessed a president, led to new lands & opportunities for early America but birthed oppression, greed & genocide. Now, less than two centuries later, borne on the backs of Americans, a new manifest belief has taken hold of institutions & their lackeys. An entitled few, intent on their own personal path to the hallowed halls of profit, seek to afflict our great nation & its citizens with an equally egregious example of greed. Despite protections afforded to common Americans by forward-thinking leaders, these laws are now endangered, under attack & must therefore be protected, lent strength even. **Elected representatives of this great republic: I ask you to fulfill your duty, to fulfill your commitment to American ideals & strengthen legislation that protects its citizenry from the immense power of corruption & greed now engendered by a powerful few & institutions. Stand fast, strengthen Dodd-Frank & protect America, its resources & it's ideals from those who would destroy or encroach upon America's greatness. Be a harbinger of hope.

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