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President Trump to Change Great Recession Financial Reform
by Countable
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  • Laura

    Let's connect the dots here... Trump nominates Mnuchin for Secretary of the Treasury, a man in charge of raising funds during the campaign and a man who made millions off the housing bubble...Democrats boycott his committee hearings...Republicans change the rule so he passes the committee hearings...and now Trump is repealing the part of Dodd-Frank that was imposed to regulate the banking industry from unethical practices again?! Seriously? You all HAVE to put a stop to this! It is not too late. He still a Senate vote and you should and MUST vote against Mnuchin. You MUST reign in this President and let him know that Checks and Balances are there for a reason, and he CANNOT upend the law for his and his friends personal gain! Do your job...or I will work to see someone else gets it in 2018.

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