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Trump Vetoes Bill Ending Support for Saudi Coalition in Yemen
by Countable
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  • Colleen
    Voted Yes

    Passing a bill that would seek to “dangerously undermine my powers” is the reason this corrupt megalomaniac gives for vetoing a bill that would remove US support for the war in Yemen. Of course, he would veto anything that a) challenges his power, b)would undermine his business dealings and kickbacks from the Saudis, c)would harm his son-in-law’s chances to single-handedly bring peace to the Middle East(Right!), d)stop a human rights tragedy because there has never been a less compassionate and empathetic person in the Oval Office. And I ask the question again in hopes that my Congressional Representatives will stand up to this “dictator-in-waiting” and remove him from office! How much does this country have to put up with from Trump before Congress will act!


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